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With a team of over 300 employees in the US, Canada and European Union, we have thousands of projects under our belt. You can always rely on us to be there when you need it most.


Tired of overpaying for mediocre results or underpaying for unreliable solutions? Our fair pricing strategy guarantees you will always receive a fair price with flexible payment terms. 


Our customers demand the best and we deliver. With dedicated solutions teams and project managers, you will receive top notch support, and direct contact with employees working on your project. We do not stop until all of your needs are exceeded.

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Poliance Technology Group started as a  group of technology companies with different solutions working closely together on various projects.


We then decided to formalize this structure and Poliance was born. Each company brings a unique expertise to the table. This is  why we are able to offer top notch solutions at fair prices!


Our vision is to maximize our customer ROI, and make sure all companies are offered the chance to digitally transform their business in a reliable, and fairly priced environment.


Too many times we see companies either overpaying for simple solutions or underpaying for unreliable ones. Our vision is to end this and contribute to the growth of your business.


How are we able to offer all of these solutions and guarantee a great quality/price ratio? The answer is our dedicated solutions teams.


We have dedicated teams specializing in different types of industries and projects. This means if you have a specific type of technology need, we have a team who has experience working on it.


Need: A dairy company approached us to develop a digital solution for managing their logistics and transportation resources. This included asset monitoring and route optimization.


Solution: We developed a visual platform providing comprehensive support for processes and operations related to the logistics and management of transportation resources. It includes the use of advanced optimization algorithms, integration of onboard systems with IoT and real-time monitoring of transport-related activities.

Result: Our clients reported savings of 20% in mileage, time savings of 50% in route planning and 30% in overall savings. Employees also have instant access to real-time information about all aspects of fleet, route and delivery management.

Technologies Used: MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Java8, Angular, Docker, Spring, Kubernetes, MySql, PostgresSQL, OpenStreetMap

Transportation Management System (TMS)

Need: An insurance company wanted to decrease administrative and travel costs related to processing documents for insurance policy claims and renewals.

Solution: We developed a system using blockchain (distributed ledger) to record information in a permanent, immutable, tamper-proof and transparent manner on a decentralized digital ledger. The integrity of the blockchain is secured by trustless consensus algorithms making it impossible to illegally amend or modify historical data.

Result: A tamper proof document management system ensuring all parties have access to accurate, legitimate documents authenticated via blockchain. 80% reduction in site visits and unnecessary travel.

Technologies Used: Ethereum, RaspberryPi, TPM, React, CloudFlare


Trusted Document Management using Smart Contracts (



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